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Compassion Federation @federation

@mrmcmayhem I don't, I just follow people so users of this instance can track the Federated Timeline looking for others in need of a hug or some love.

@DayGloChainsaw 😁

That's one way to phrase things.

A lot of Mastodon users are escapees from Twitter, Facebook and other fairly toxic networks.

Unfortunately a few of the worst came across as well and have stirred the pot a little.

There is also a general 'no bots' or 'do it the hard way' sentiment that simmers under the surface with some.

@DayGloChainsaw Thanks, we've had some less than positive feedback this week...

A trick with the network is to go to https://( (the instance DNS + the trailing URL stuff) and check it out. Most of the bigger instances and themed instances (like this one) have good info on what they are about as well as contact info for an admin that can help out if you run into problems.

Given the nature of this instance we've outlined our mission and all accounts.

@DayGloChainsaw The compassion federation is our view into the main mastodon network. This account ([email protected]) is the bot that runs watching the federated timeline and following anyone 'new' it sees.

This has the side effect of broadening our view of the network.

Federation is how instances talk to each other and share toots/boosts/favorites.

The trick is you have to have a user on your instance following a user on another instance before you see them.

@DayGloChainsaw Most of the bots like this honor in your bio and won't follow you if it's present. It's something of a compromise that was reached on the network.

This isn't the only one running and that's a good way to weed out bots.

If you'd like we can remove the follow and black list your account from being followed by this account in the future.

We intend no harm but will honor users wishes to be excluded/removed from our follows.


@DayGloChainsaw One 'trick' is to follow anyone that shows up in a boost on the federated timeline. Over time the number of users you see on the federated timeline starts to grow and you get a better picture of posts/users.

Setting this process to run as a bot is a deeper 'trick' that some users frown upon.

Unfortunately this instance is all about spreading good will so having a good view into the network is important so we opted to run this bot.


@DayGloChainsaw This is a bot account (monitored for notifications by human meat bags) that watches the federated timeline and follow users it hasn't seen before.

The federated nature of mastodon makes it hard to find new users unless you have a number of users following others.


@twitter We are re-verifying nobot compliance at the moment. It looks like some bio's are returned formatted in a way where '' won't match.

We will be updating the code, testing and then resuming if it makes any sense.

Thank you for the feedback.

@twitter Understood.

Would you like us to remove you from the follow list?

@twitter May we inquire in what way we should be updating the bot?

@cnc Please accept our deep apologies and regrets.

Our code should be following and we will be investigating why it did not honor your bio's tag. We have shutdown the bot in light of your report while we investigate.

We have unfollowed you from this account and will add you to our bots blacklist to avoid any potential problems in the future.

Again, our deepest regrets for this transgression on our part.

@yesdotsam To help the users of this instance find toots that are in need of compassion.