Like A Phoenix

We are live [again]! Like a Phoenix, it’s time to rise from the ashes.

We failed in our project’s original goals 😿 It’s time to dial back the ambition and try this again.



We owe our sincerest apologies to ALL users of the Mastodon instance. It was not our intent to shut down, but the cost had grown out of our budget due to some lofty ambitions.

Our heart breaks that we ultimately failed in or original launch and goals.

Rising from the ashes

Today we launch a basic website and blog. The website will be geared towards helping people build / manage Mastodon instances. We also plan to post materials that are non-mastodon specific to help with building any online community.

We will not be launching a Mastodon instance at this time. It’s an option for the future but for now we are focused on more attainable and tenable goals.

For now we want to focus on helping admins build quality #under1000 instances.

‘The List’

With the relaunch of the website we’ve re-instated ‘The List’. A list of good, bad and ugly instances. We’re launching this to help people find safe spaces, avoid toxic behavior and avoid potentially illegal behavior.

The list is hosted at

We’ve also included a form at the top of the page that will let you submit new instances for inclusion/review.


Since ‘The List’ was last available, we added It’s what it sounds like and we recommend a full Suspend + Remote Media Block.

You don’t want to visit that site, we promise.

May your day be full of 🤗 and 💕