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A highly sensitive person with a good ear for listening and an oversized heart. Empathy is my superpower


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A survivor of family gaslighting, schoolyard bullying, and the suicide of my best friend and savior as well as undiagnosed ADD-PI, gender dysphoria, depression, and who knows what else, I’ve developed a keen interest in fighting authoritarian conformist BS and untying the tangles it often makes out of those who don’t fit in. Due to the aforementioned issues, I dropped out of high school and college and never graduated from either one, so I know what it feels like to fall through the cracks.

I discovered I was transgender in 2000, after 3+ decades of clues, but was not able to begin transitioning until 2016.

As part of coming to terms with a close friend’s absence, one of my primary missions in life became to try to nurture (in myself and in others) that which I loved best in them – to be the friend I wish to see in the world, and to help the world be a more friendly place for others who might be out there. There are two parts to this: working to change a system that is fundamentally unjust, and helping individuals escape from the mental traps society sets for them.